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Why does your website need SEO?



why seo is important for your website

Bigger brands put emphasis on SEO more and more day by day. It is actually a digital marketing method that smaller entrepreneurs can get big returns. In short, SEO is what we do on our website in order to better rank our website on search engine bots and to be listed in higher positions in search results for users. Let’s  why SEO is an indispensable element for a successful website.

If you are not on the first page, you are missing

Perhaps the best-known fact about search engines is that users have hardly ever crossed beyond the first page. So if you are not listed on the first page of the world’s most used search engine for keywords you’re targeting, it might be impossible to get the organic traffic you want. The websites listed in the first place are like the shops in the middle of a busy street, and the next pages are the ones in the stalemate streets that no one has ever been to. SEO is the shortest way to get a place on this busy street.

It’s the first step you can take to reach the target audience with the great idea you have achieved through life, the initiative you build from scratch, or the content you create sitting around the screen day and night.

SEO works for brand awareness

Our first goal in SEO work is to attract organic traffic and ensure that this web site interacts with your site. This is not the only benefit you will get from these studies. Your visibility on the search engines will also impact positively on your brand awareness, and the user’s trust in your brand.

Let’s say you’re doing a search on Google. Generally, you do not click on the first result you have found to complete your job. You make new searches by using new keywords. So you will try to reach the closest result you are looking for. In such cases, the fact that the user encounters your website every time in different searches related to the same topic. This will give you the message that you are an important brand in this matter. In fact, seeing Google so secure in your web site will also strengthen the user’s trust to your website. This means some key words will make a difference to your opponents who are lost in the next pages or missing on the first page and never taking the stage.

Can not I do all these things by advertising?

No, you can not do it exactly. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made in digital marketing is to put SEO and PPC ads on the same page. SEO is not an “ornament” to add after everything is done. It should be regarded as a “main component” that will prevent the deficiencies and faults. Its biggest advantage is the long term. As long as the effect of the ads continues to be advertised, the budget is reset to the value you are currently on. The impact of ads continues as long as they continue to advertise. When you reset the budget, it resets.

SEO is an infrastructure work that you will benefit from both short and long walks (if done by an expert). As long as your website is active, it will benefit your website. Therefore, once you reach a certain point, your site will be at the top of the search engine. With PPC advertisements, the processes, rationale, and methods of SEO are different. In addition, advertising is a marketing method that will not keep the SEO process in place.

Your competitors are doing it too

Competition among firms is increasing in the market today. Now it is not enough to do your job well to make your brand stand out. Each rise in search engines’ result pages will mean the fall of your competitors. For this reason, SEO optimization is getting more and more important.

In short, in order to make your website as appealing to internet users as possible, you first need to submit your content to search engines. Websites that search engines find approved and trustworthy will be much easier to reach end users, so your way to your targeted audience will be shortened. 

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