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Website is vital for your business!

The Reasons Why Should Have Your Website. It is the easiest and the inexpensive way to interact with your audience.



why a website is vital for your business

The Reasons Why Should Have Your Website

Nowadays, Internet is the most common tool of communication and accessing to people. Internet is a window that opens to the world. Companies, institutions or persons can present their their businesses, services, products, contents to the users of the internet under the favor of their websites. It is the easiest and the inexpensive way to interact with the people, indeed. The websites is a tool that explains you, your work to your target audience. So they are open twenty-four-seven. You can explain the issues that are unknown or wondered to your audience. It is voice of you.

Website became an idea in minds of people about your business. People search the information about the services, product and companies on internet and via their websites.

Impress Your Audience

Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle says that “we live in a world where people Google  before they shop, visit online review sites like Yelp before they buy and “check-in” via Facebook as they go about their days.” at his writing at Forbes. So at first, you need to impress your audience in best way. They google you and your website. After a research they decide to reach you or not. You need to make up your audience’s mind to chose you by your strong websites.

The most important step about institutionalisation and branding is the website. All the firms and companies that has gained ground at market, has prestige, have their websites. If you want to have your place at market and to reach your audience, you don’t forget you need to have your website. It provides you online visibility.

A website is beneficial for your business. Today, lots of companies increases their customer portfolio by means of their website. They can reach to their prospective customers more effectively and more inexpensive by online advertisements.



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What is Responsive Web Design?




responsive web design for all devices

What is exactly the meaning of Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means that responsive, compatible web design. This web design form we have heard often in recent years first appeared in 2010. It has been popular in the world for the past few years.

Responsive design occurs when the web site is re-shaped according to the screen width of the elements such as picture and text in the site when the mobile and tablet are entered. Generally, it is designed in 3 stages as desktop, tablet and mobile version.

Search engines support responsive sites seriously. It is more appropriate to make the page responsive with a single url for search engines. If a page has a mobile version under its own domain name and a different subdomain such as A responsive website is a better solution. Because in search that was made at mobile phones, search engines often rank results without paying attention to the mobile compatibility of the page.

Mobilden website visits have risen to more than hald of global web traffic. And it will grow even faster in the short term. For this reason, a serious increase in responsive web sites is foreseen.

Impact of Responsive Design on Users

Responsive design, can be shortly called as web pages designed and coded for different resolutions. Responsive designs, which are becoming more popular today with the proliferation of mobile devices. It have become a need for website owners. Especially, creating e-commerce sites with mobile application consistency provides an easier and more efficient opportunity for the customer.

Visitors entering their web sites using a mobile device often have difficulty viewing and navigating the site. If the site being visited is not responsive or mobile friendly, they can only zoom in to the area they want to read, display a restricted area, and get difficult to use.

Navigating page menus is quite difficult. Also, since it is not mobile compatible, it is often difficult to find the desired link.

If you own a website, you can see that a significant portion of the traffic to your site comes from mobile devices. Because both in our country and in the whole of the world, people prefer to surf with their smartphones, especially when they are not at home. For this reason, you should give importance to mobile device user for your website. For better user experience, at first, you need to pay attention to whether your site design is compatible with mobile devices.

Responsive web design solutions your website will have more flawless look on all your devices. At this point, you will leave a positive impression of your company’s prestige and vision to potential customers visiting your website.

Show Mobile Users the Value That You Give Them

With responsive web design solution, your company’s website is resized for iPad, iPhone, tablets and laptop or desktop computers in different resolutions. In this way, your website will not look different on every device, it will have a standard view. This allows users to access your website seamlessly with different devices, such as tablets, smart phones, etc. They carry with them at any time. This significantly increases the traffic on your website.

Mobile device owners find smartphones more useful to visit websites designed to be compatible with tablets. In the last years when mobile device owners and mobile internet usage have risen remarkably, stay behind your competitors.

If you’re bored with the old look of your site, and you want your website to be mobile-friendly, we can help you with our responsive website solutions. We offer you web sites that can be easily visited on desktop or portable devices.

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Why do you need redesign for a website?



Your website is really the most important element of your digital strategy.

It is even more important than social media profiles. We can say that it is one of the most important components of your business. Not only do you provide important information about your products, your team and your business life, it is also an influence that determines how your potential customers deliver your business to the world and ultimately decide how to communicate with you.

Here’s what you need to pay attention to determine whether a professional revision to your website is given and a new pixel addition period is given.

# Does Your Web Site User-friendly?

It’s 2018 and your prospects are likely to have seen thousands of websites. They are used to fast load speed, intuitive navigations and sleek design that clearly communicates your business offering.

Most businesses have a large and diverse product/service range and want to communicate with ‘everyone’. It’s very easy to try and showcase ‘everything’ you do, which can be overwhelming for visitors and water down your core offering. If your website makes it tough for your user to discover content and a headache to understand your offerings, you have not only left a poor first impression, your prospect will likely bounce off your site never to return!

# Your website is very out-dated or not very stylish

If your website is over 4 years old, you are likely lagging behind in design trends. Yes, 4 years is a long, long time in the web world and, when your website just keeps working, it’s easy to put a redesign on the back burner.

It’s worth considering our thoughts and the actions we take when we buy something from a physical store.

Store A has the lights on and the door open. The floor is clean, the shelves neatly stacked. The attendant is helpful and they stock a good range of associated products.

Store B has a single light on and the door is shut. We’re unsure of whether it’s open or closed. When we decide to go inside the shelves are nearly empty and we can’t find the store assistant.

The price and product warranty is the same from each store — but which one do we feel more comfortable buying from?

If you said Store B then I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about.

The wonderful world of the web has progressed and the fight to capture your prospect’s attention is only getting more intense! From hand-made illustrations and page motion animations to dynamic gradients and responsive logos, business websites need to be fresh, memorable and, if possible, aspirational. Despite what they tell you most purchasers/clients make emotional decisions as opposed to logical decisions so it’s important to be visually appealing.

An updated and modern design isn’t just for show, it is one of the key factors in your customer’s purchasing decision.

# Your website is not responsive?

It’s official, more users are browsing the internet with their mobile phones and tablets compared to desktop users.

Nothing might be more annoying than exploring a site where you will need to use your fingers to enlarge each page to read the text or having your thumb constantly clicking on the wrong link!

Having a mobile and tablet-friendly website is important in capturing and converting a huge chunk of traffic that visits your site on the go.

# It Does Not Accurately Reflect Your Brand

Maybe you have been running your company for a few years and your business model and clientele have been refined.

Your brand values have changed but does it seem apparent on your current website?

Or perhaps your existing website has never really communicated your brand values and you’ve just ‘put up with it’.

Whether your audience has changed or your site never been ‘quite right’, it’s important for established businesses to have a presence online that aligns with the brand and, if applicable, aligns with their real world presence.

Your website has the potential to elevate your brand to a whole new level but you’ll only promote it and guide people towards it if:

a. It aligns with your brand
b. Clearly showcases the work you do
c. You’re proud of it

In 2018 web users are savvy. We’ve all been using the internet for 20 years (more or less) and we know when a business isn’t being authentic. Ensuring your website aligns with your brand and who you are is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate authenticity.

# Not Aligned With Your Current Marketing Strategy

Your strategy five years ago might have been to get as many enquiries as possible through an onsite contact form. Today you are trying to build authority through blogging and email subscriptions. We can relate.

But is your website geared up for your change in approach?

Whether it is a dated content-management system (CMS) or poorly designed call-to-action areas, a lack of key website features will hinder your marketing efforts. You could ‘bolt on’ a plugin here and there but in all likelihood it will look and feel like a bolt on, and will likely not be the most effective approach.

If your strategy today is drastically different from when you started your business, it is only natural that your website evolves to align with your goals.

# It Has Poor Conversions

The aim of your business website should be to help generate leads, enquiries or direct sales — depending on the nature of your business.

If your marketing activities are constant but you are seeing a decrease in your online sales or leads, it could be a sign that your website is not connecting with your audience.

Of course, if this is the case we recommend refreshing your website. However, a redesign shouldn’t happen until you understand why your existing site is no longer winning leads. This could come back to your calls to action or it could be that the site is not structured to maximise sales and conversions. Whatever the reason it pays to analyse the reasons.

Google Analytics offers some incredible insights, as does studying your competitive space to understand what your competitors are doing differently. Perhaps even altering calls to action and measuring the response (A/B testing) will help?

Ultimately a poor conversion rate is one of the clearest signs your site needs a refresh but, as with any web design project, it’s important to make some informed decisions before leaping in.

# It Is Not listed on Google

For any business to succeed online and win leads it’s vital that future and existing clients can find them online. Imagine looking for a business that you know exists but being unable to find it.

The internet is constantly expanding and competition is ramping up at a rapid rate.

If web users can’t discover your website how are new clients finding you? Word of mouth is great but the first thing people will do when they hear about your business is Google you.

If your old site hasn’t been setup for SEO or uses outdated tech and strategies such as flash graphics, hidden text or just poor site architecture, Google will find it difficult to index and, consequently, it won’t understand where your site should be listed. These are problems that plague older websites and will prevent you from reaching your potential.

Of course, these are all factors that can affect poorly built new websites (lets talk, we can help) but are more prevalent on older platforms that haven’t received the love and care they need to stay relevant.

# Conclusion

Having a modern, new and innovative website is the key to the success of online business.

Although you do not have to redesign your Web site every year, it is very important that you have an objective view of your existing design to help you achieve your business goals.

At Tigris Software, we do not only help customers build their web assets from scratch, but we also support existing websites with modern and proven strategies that actively update their existing websites and update their current websites, while at the same time delivering real business results!

Send us an e-mail or call and we’ll start digital renewal today!

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