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Mobile app, why it is important for your business?



why mobile app is viral for my brand

Mobile App to Reach Your Audience

At the last years, when use of mobile devices has increased full power, small businesses are interested in mobile app as well as large companies aiming to reach their target audiences. Because of the desire of their customers. They want to provide reliable, convenient and fast access to the information about the products and services. When and where they want it.

Nowadays, most Internet users now access the internet from mobile devices instead of computers. Firms that are aiming to reach customers from all digital channels have become compulsory to take place in the mobile world due to the changing customer orientation.

Mobile applications are also an important way to connect with potential customers as well as reaching existing customers. For this reason, enterprises that want to expand their business and want to increase their company recognition take advantage of mobile applications.

To Be Always In Touch With Your Customers

Handset users control their smartphone every 6.5 minutes and spend 2 hours a day on their mobile devices. Mobile devices are now the nearest communication tool for everyone. Do you also want any communication, address, product or service information belonging to the company to be at the tip of your customers? Your company needs to take advantage of the advantages of a mobile app.

Gain Advantage At The Competition

Big brands recognize the importance and necessity of mobile applications and take their place in the mobile world. Now it is the turn of the businesses that want to grow up and want to reach the target audience of the sector. If you’re an early adopter of mobile apps, you can get your position at mobile app world before your competitors. A business that follows technology is always one step ahead of the customer.

Mobile App Platform

You can communicate directly with your customers using the mobile app. You can present the latest information about your company, campaigns, product or service information to your customers in the best possible way. You can make email marketing to your customers who log in your mobile application with their email address. You can effectively use the data you receive from the mobile application, in a different marketing channel and reach the target audience directly.

Charming Effect

Mobile applications are extremely important for creating positive brand image perceptions in your customers. In addition, when potential customers who receive information from your mobile application about your product or services decide to purchase, they may choose you instead of your competitors. Because they have already been informed about your company. Even with a successful mobile application, you can even encourage your customers to buy a product that they do not have in their minds at the moment.

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What is Responsive Web Design?




responsive web design for all devices

What is exactly the meaning of Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design means that responsive, compatible web design. This web design form we have heard often in recent years first appeared in 2010. It has been popular in the world for the past few years.

Responsive design occurs when the web site is re-shaped according to the screen width of the elements such as picture and text in the site when the mobile and tablet are entered. Generally, it is designed in 3 stages as desktop, tablet and mobile version.

Search engines support responsive sites seriously. It is more appropriate to make the page responsive with a single url for search engines. If a page has a mobile version under its own domain name and a different subdomain such as A responsive website is a better solution. Because in search that was made at mobile phones, search engines often rank results without paying attention to the mobile compatibility of the page.

Mobilden website visits have risen to more than hald of global web traffic. And it will grow even faster in the short term. For this reason, a serious increase in responsive web sites is foreseen.

Impact of Responsive Design on Users

Responsive design, can be shortly called as web pages designed and coded for different resolutions. Responsive designs, which are becoming more popular today with the proliferation of mobile devices. It have become a need for website owners. Especially, creating e-commerce sites with mobile application consistency provides an easier and more efficient opportunity for the customer.

Visitors entering their web sites using a mobile device often have difficulty viewing and navigating the site. If the site being visited is not responsive or mobile friendly, they can only zoom in to the area they want to read, display a restricted area, and get difficult to use.

Navigating page menus is quite difficult. Also, since it is not mobile compatible, it is often difficult to find the desired link.

If you own a website, you can see that a significant portion of the traffic to your site comes from mobile devices. Because both in our country and in the whole of the world, people prefer to surf with their smartphones, especially when they are not at home. For this reason, you should give importance to mobile device user for your website. For better user experience, at first, you need to pay attention to whether your site design is compatible with mobile devices.

Responsive web design solutions your website will have more flawless look on all your devices. At this point, you will leave a positive impression of your company’s prestige and vision to potential customers visiting your website.

Show Mobile Users the Value That You Give Them

With responsive web design solution, your company’s website is resized for iPad, iPhone, tablets and laptop or desktop computers in different resolutions. In this way, your website will not look different on every device, it will have a standard view. This allows users to access your website seamlessly with different devices, such as tablets, smart phones, etc. They carry with them at any time. This significantly increases the traffic on your website.

Mobile device owners find smartphones more useful to visit websites designed to be compatible with tablets. In the last years when mobile device owners and mobile internet usage have risen remarkably, stay behind your competitors.

If you’re bored with the old look of your site, and you want your website to be mobile-friendly, we can help you with our responsive website solutions. We offer you web sites that can be easily visited on desktop or portable devices.

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